ICEMED Midterm and Final Meeting

ICEMED stands for "Imaging and Curing Environmental Metabolic Diseases", and it is an alliance that was established by Helmholtz Zentrum München for the research and treatment of metabolic diseases. Two different research areas were linked, namely imaging and the study of metabolic diseases. Physicists, biologists, physicians, and biochemists working together under the umbrella of ICEMED have pioneered a multitude of novel approaches, insights, and results. The visualization of metabolic processes in vivo and the development of a drug therapy for a rare metabolic disease are just some of the innovations that have been made possible.

The films that we have produced document the midterm evaluation and the final meeting of the research association. The films document both events, and they record the scientists' views on ICEMED, the results, and the special features of the events in the form of interviews.

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